About Us
How it all began….
Happy Camper Gourmet was created when we felt the need for a quick meal at the end of the day of traveling in our caravan. We FREE camp a lot, which means we like to pull into little rest stops and by the banks of the river, turn on the generator when required and just soak up the Aussie outdoors.
Peter & Rachel Treasure

The most frustrating thing was that when you were just relaxed my wife would say, “well I had better put some dinner on for tonight”. This would then kill the relaxed moment usually during a nice cold beverage. So the hunt was on to find an alternative to the long preparation time of meals.

We also help my parents run their cattle farm in East Gippsland, Victoria and the challenge has always been to get a decent return for the effort put in to produce high quality cattle. As we are producing beautiful grass fed cattle already and selling them through our bulk buy program we thought we could extend this to provide meals direct to the public. The meat is very low in fat and has been aged for 21 days in our on farm certified cool room. The Prime cuts of beef (eg Scotch Fillet) are sold to Prime Restaurants in Melbourne.
In the beginning we were supplying our prime beef into the Meals, but now because our own fresh meat is now in such high demand, we have to source other Victorian beef for the meals!

For a complete understanding of our farm & the connection to Happy Camper Gourmet please read the attached Article written by Emma Fields from the Weekly Times, The great photos were taken by Zoe Phillips.

CLICK HERE to read the article about Peter & Rachel Treasure

Rachel & Peter Treasure - Owners of Happy Camper gourmet

Peter & Rachel Treasure on the family farm – Owners of Happy Camper Gourmet

Rachel (my wife) and I have worked with a major food manufacturing company to come up with some unique Aussie style meals for you to enjoy. We are constantly working on new recipes with the food technician to bring out the best in Aussie tucker.

Our company Treasure Group Pty Ltd looks after Happy Camper Gourmet and all its products. Our development team is working hard to bring you more interesting products from Happy Camper Gourmet.

We value your feedback and suggestions.

Please email us on
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