Dining at Home

Did you know that Happy Camper Gourmet (HCG) is devised from the BEST recipes and raw ingredients that restaurants have access to. That means that when you’re at home, there is no reason not to dine on Happy Camper Gourmet. In fact many of our customers do just that, they use Happy Camper Gourmet only at home.

We have taken the hard work out of producing high quality meals for you to consume on a regular basis. with our broad range of products, we now can boast a meal for every day of the week. You can use your microwave, pot or oven to heat through the meals, it’s simple for all ages to heat and serve.

Do you suffer from working long hours or shift work? Then HCG meals are perfect. No refrigeration required at work, just a microwave in the staff room. A lot less chance of someone stealing your food from the fridge too! Need a protein hit instead of energy sapping carbohydrates? Then HCG meals have up to 65% meat!

Do you have an elderly parent living on their own? Why not supply them with some HCG meals in the pantry cupboard. They can heat and eat in minutes. All meals are commercially sterile so you are protected from bacteria growing on the food consumed. Fridges harbor bacteria from leftover food and spills and this can be extremely dangerous for our elderly. HCG meals are protected by the specially designed BPA free bags that stop any bacteria from accessing your food. It is safer than the meat in your fridge at home and healthy too!

So why not trial one of our HCG “Av-a-go” packs and decide for yourself. Sign up first and save $10 off your first order! And remember we are Aussie Farmers ourselves supporting Aussie Farmers. Support our farmers and know what you eat!