I Support Aussie Farmers Campaign

sticker on truck

At Happy Camper Gourmet we are farmers. Yes, the beef that goes into our Happy Camper gourmet meals comes from our farm wherever possible, if not it will be Victorian or Aussie grown. We work hard with our manufacturers to source only Aussie grown food for you to purchase. This way we are not only supporting farmers like us but ensuring our customers are getting the best produce available.

What has struck us though is the lack of commitment from some of our grocery retailers to stock more Aussie produce or if they do, pay a fair price for it. I know we all like to get a bargain at the supermarket but we still want to be able to ensure our food is grown here in Australia, right? Well, maybe. You see most of the time our labeling laws don’t reflect everything we are buying correctly. Even our own Happy Camper Gourmet labels are restricted to say “local & imported” ingredients even though 99% of the product is either from our farm or somewhere local in Australia. The 1% is usually pepper or a herb in the sauce that is not easily available here in Australia. We can’t stipulate this on the labels as this may confuse you, the consumer according to the laws. So you see there are many issues with getting the correct message to you, the consumer.
One thing you can do however is be vocal in your support of Aussie Farmers by going to our online shop and ordering FREE a bumper sticker for your car, 4wd, motorbike, truck, train, plane, school folder or front fence. This little support will hopefully entice others to think when they go shopping just where their food comes from and be proud of it. Our politicians also need reminding of the importance of Agriculture in this country. Whichever side of politics you support, I think we all agree that our farmers are doing it tough at the moment. Any encouragement we can give our politicians to think about our farmers is crucial for farmers survival.
So join our many customers in ordering a FREE “I support Aussie Farmers” bumper sticker and be proud of being an Aussie. That way you are ensuring our Aussie farmers have a chance to keep growing great food.

From The Happy Camper Gourmet Team
(Yep, we’re farmers supporting farmers)