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Our products do not contain any artificial preservatives or flavours or colours at all – it is all completely natural.

GLUTEN Intolerance (Celiac disease)

All 6 of Main Meals are NOW GULTEN FREE!
They are made in our certified gluten free factory

For more Information on Nutrition please download the list below.

Nut Allergies

Our Factory do not use nuts in any of our products or in the factory at all, so our factory is “nut free” BUT we can not guarantee that the other factories that supply some of the ingredients to our factory for our meals don’t use nuts. If the person with the nut allergy does not get a reaction from any processed food such as tin food (eg baked beans) then they will probably be ok but I can not give the complete OK that there will be no traces of nuts in our meals as there a risk in ANY processed food.

Onion & Garlic

We now have one meal that does not contain Garlic or Onion, our Bush Country Harvest Meal. Which also is Gluten, Meat and Dairy Free. The rest of our meals do currently contain onion and/or garlic


All our meals for the exception of the Apple & Cinnamon damper premix  are low in Sugar and are suitable for diabetics but our meals still contain fructose as this is part of the sugar molecule so our meals are not suitable for people with a fructose intolerance.

Vegetarian / Vegan

We now have a Vegetarian/ Vegan Meal!
The Bush Country Harvest is a wonderful vegetable meal which contains Quinoa, Zucchini, Chick Peas, Corn, Capsicum, Tomato and Sweet Potato!
This meal is completely gluten, meat and dairy free! And has no onion or garlic.

You will find there are numbers in the Ingredients list but not all numbers are bad.Below I have included 2 PDFS –  the Ingredients list & Nutritional info and what all the ingredients and additives mean.

Please download the following PDFs

Download all Product Ingredients and Nutritional Information

Download our Damper Premix nutritionals

Interesting Facts about Food Additives


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