Prepping with Happy Camper Gourmet



Why should you use Happy Camper Gourmet for your preparing of any disaster that should arise on or off our Aussie shores?

  • Made for the Australian Climate.
  • Real Aussie meat, not synthetic or reconstituted.
  • Wont cause constipation.
  • No nutrients lost in the process.
  • Suggested storage life is 10,15 or 25 years (if stored correctly). UPDATED!
  • No additional potable water required.
  • Not affected by heat.
  • No added MSG,Preservatives,Artificial Flavours
  • Large orders for storage available. UPDATED!
  • Made and Grown in Australia.

We have disasters occurring a lot more now than we have had for a long time at the moment. With El Nino coming back slowly but surely we are going through a new pattern of climate in the next 12 months yet again. If you are positioned in the northern areas of QLD, NT or WA then you should be prepping for cyclones in Summer that could be stronger than usual due to the southern oscillation index (SOI) changing from La Nina to El Nino. If you are in the southern areas then floods and bush fires are constantly a reminder of what the diverse climate that we live in can deliver. Australia is a fantastic country, don’t get me wrong, we love this country, but it is not forgiving in its dramatic changes of weather patterns. In 1939 and 1965 our family properties were devastated by fires. Our 112 year old family property is also nearly always in flood every 5-7 years. These issues arise constantly during a farmers life but we trundle on to fight another day. We do love this country but prepping is about preparing for the unknown and perhaps we are in some ways expecting doom and gloom every so often but how often are we really prepared.

In my observations, not very often! We are targeting the supermarket isles for batteries, water and staple foods just before any cyclone (11 years living in Townsville) and we tape our windows for only the Cat 3-5 cyclones as we have supposedly seen them all before. Well it is cyclones like Larry in North Queensland that really shake you up (having been there myself), you understand that we have such a fragile hold on our environment. We have to prepare ourselves for anything that may be delivered to us, it could be by nature or it could be via human hands, we just don’t know.

This is not a sales pitch but an observation of our surroundings, you should have a larder of food that is consistent to at least a week or two of food without any refrigeration. Our complacency that food will always be there for us is idiotic and plain embarrassing. We are responsible for our own intake of food for our family, whether you are in the city or in the country. Quite frankly the further you are to the heart of the city the harder it will be to get food if a natural or unnatural disaster occurs.The time and effort to get food to bigger cities is extraordinary and we just don’t appreciate what our trucking industry does to keep food arriving on our shelves every day. A week or two of food is essential for these uncertain times, a months worth is even better and perhaps a year is preferred. Australia has some wonderful food that we can store and proudly our food at Happy Camper Gourmet is all Australian and prepared locally for people wanting to enjoy the outdoors, but also for those who are preparing for the unknown, the perhaps or the plain inevitable. It is your choice in how you perceive the threat that is always there naturally at least.

Recently we had earthquakes hit our area which as long as I have lived (42 years) we have never had such a series of tremors in this area. Who knows where the next threat will come from but I believe we all need to be prepared and by having at least just one good protein meal per person per day in storage is worth the effort. Our meals state on them to have a “best before” 18 months, not a “use by”, just a “best before” for those wanting maximum flavour. This means we know the life span is a lot more, in fact we have tested successfully 3 years life span and have no problems in suggesting 10,15 or 25 years is achievable if stored correctly. The reason we don’t put more than 18mths as a “best before” is that for many outdoor leisure enthusiasts, this is a time span they can understand could be true. The fact though is that the meat is stable in its environment with no predators (bacteria or bad things cant access the bag), unlike us in this world. It is when the meat is opened that it needs to be consumed or put it into refrigeration if not totally consumed to be protected for a further period of time.

For the Prepper, it is about surviving the unknown days ahead. Without our own protection we have little to do but wait for the inevitable. Where water may be a problem, this product is ideal. It requires no reconstitution and wont require valuable drinking water to be consumed. This is what makes this product so good for the Australian climate. It is highly flexible and can be squashed into tight corners for packing. The packaging is easy to dispose of, the food is all low in sugar, carbohydrates and high in natural proteins. We don’t add preservatives, msg, flavours or additives. It is the natural pressure cooking process in the bag that does the preservation.

Happy Camper Gourmet is a tool in the shed for those wanting an Australian food to keep that is full of protein and locally sourced, and will keep in a box or cupboard until that day you may need it for an indefinite period.

We invite you to try our product and judge it as a real home grown alternative to freeze dried or dehydrated products (see our Happy Camper V’s Freeze Dried page).

Without being prepared and taking responsibility for our own family and life, what are we going to do when the link of our basic food source is taken away from us, the supermarket is not a place you want to be frequenting when all hell brakes loose. Be prepared!

Thanks! Peter Treasure

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