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American veteran champion cyclist, Erik Nordenson has traveled from Utah in the USA to use East Gippsland as a training ground for a massive personal journey to ride the Canning Stock route and the Anne Beadell highway by two wheel bicycle, a feat which is a test for any person but at 74 years of age, Erik is under no illusion that this will be a challenge of a lifetime.

Erik with Peter & Rachel with HCGmeals

Being prepared for the trek is important but at Erik’s age he has to endure other physical challenges that will impact on his abilities to complete the journey of not one remote track but two of the most difficult passages of desert tracks in the world.
Erik was eager to source the best food for t

he task at hand from around the world and looked towards East Gippsland’s own Happy Camper Gourmet products as being ideal for his task. Despite the extra weight compared to freeze dried product the nutritional returns of the Happy Camper Gourmet retorted products and the ability to keep precious water for drinking only, allowed in fact a better distribution of weight while riding and a better wholesome meal for his difficult challenge at hand.

Erik on his way to Marlo,  via the Rail Trail - East Gippsland Victoria

Erik on his way to Marlo, via the Rail Trail – East Gippsland Victoria

The quality of food that Erik will be using has convinced him of the need to support Aussie Farmers. “Wherever you are around the world we need to support the local farming communities, in this case Australia produces some of the cleanest and well regulated food produce I have ever tasted. I’ll proudly be endorsing not only the Happy Camper Gourmet product but all farmers for their efforts in producing world class food for the globe,” says Erik

The Signage that Erik will be wearing on his custom made jerseys

The Signage that Erik will be wearing on his custom made jerseys

Throughout the ride Erik will be in constant contact with the Happy Camper Gourmet team as they organise food drops into specific roadhouses and towns along his route.
Training for this journey has not been without dramas, riding in extreme heat, up large hills, across coastal sands has been the ideal testing arena for Erik and his borrowed custom made Rick Hunter Sand sled with fat bike tires up to 4.8 inches thick! It has conventional gearing, 20/22 chainrings, 11 – 36 cassette, Jeff Jones H Handlebars. All with panniers attached either side, front and rear. This bike alone turns heads as it looks like an oversized relic bicycle from the 1940’s and beautifully nicknamed “The Tank” by Erik himself.
Erik describes East Gippsland as the ideal training location for such a journey, despite the initial thoughts of a desert being a better one. The diverse local terrain trains the mind and the body to ride the bicycle over sand, bitumen, and gravel tracks, a surprisingly similar scenario for the desert ride, albeit more gravel and sand. The cool nights in the desert with warm to hot days over winter, link very well with the temperate climate of East Gippsland and has acclimatized Erik to the conditions he will be riding in over the Winter on the outback tracks.

Erik With Meals & Bike_crouchErik Bike & Truck

Erik Nordenson will be riding to Adelaide before following the Mawson trail up the Oodnadatta track to Cooper Pedy before breaking and doing the Anne Beadell before another break and then the Canning Stock Route.
Interested people can follow Erik on his Facebook page and track specifically his movements with a special satellite tracking web link. Erik has specific insurance in case he has to be rescued at any point along the journey.

Erik on his Trial Trek on the 90 Mile Beach near Marlo, East Gippsland Victoria

Erik on his Trial Trek on the 90 Mile Beach near Marlo, East Gippsland Victoria

Erik heads off on his journey on Saturday 15th March 2014.
Facebook page www.facebook.com/erik.nordenson shows his journey thus far.

Unfortunately Erik Has had to cut short his journey due to bike issues & early exhaustion and has headed back to Utah. We wish Erik all the very best in his future decisions!


Contact is Peter Treasure on 0427878645 or peter@happycampergourmet.com.au for any further information on his trip

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