Lamb & Mushroom Gnocchi










Lamb & Mushroom Gnocchi

300g Meal- Single Serves Gluten Free
1 x 300g Lamb & Mushroom Gnocchi = $12 each (+ Delivery)

1 x Carton of 20  x 300g Lamb & Mushroom Gnocchi = $240 (+ Delivery)


Single serve meal | approximately 300gm each

Yes you read correctly – GNOCCHI!! Yum!

This tasty meal is a delight to eat!
The subtle taste of mushrooms with Aussie Lamb and the rich gravy is a great combination with the potato Gnocchi.

You will be eating two packs because you cant get enough!!
Try it today – its New & delicious!!

Please note that this meal is NOT Gluten Free

The packet size of this meal is 19.5cm x 17.5cm

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